Sarah Larsen Mitchell

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A Special and Spiritual Event by Christine Mitchell Longson

November 2001

Dear Family and Friends,

Along with a few memories that I included in Grandma Mitchell's History, I also wanted to share two of my most compelling reasons for compiling this scrapbook.  Both reasons are out of absolute love for an incredible Grandma who made a very real impact in my life and the lives of my children.  I just want to quickly share a few thoughts.

As a small child, my brother, Bob, and I spent many hours and even days at Grandma and Grandpa Mitchell's house.  Our dad and mom, Walt Jr. and Pat, both worked during the day.  Therefore, Bob and I were in the loving care of our Grandparents.  This was a very fortunate thing for me, because those were years where I learned and desired to absorb all I possible could.  Grandma Mitchell was a great teacher and wonderful example to follow.  I truly believe that so much of "me" comes from her.  She truly gave me the desire to always be a "fighter", no matter how difficult life can be at times.  Many days when I don't feel much like "fighting", I truly believe that her spirit lives on, and "fights" along with me.  She continues to inspire me and I will forever love her for that. 

I also want to share another experience that is very sacred and special to our family.  This happened when our third child, Mitchell, was three years old.  We had lived in our new home for almost 3 months.  Mitch was upstairs playing in his bedroom.  I had just finished getting our fourth child, Sarah, to sleep for a nap in the morning.  I had just gone downstairs when I could hear crying.  I was sure that Sarah was awake and that it was her that I could hear.  I went up to her room and opened the door.  She was sound asleep and I could still hear faint sounds of crying.  I went to Mitch's room to see if it could be him.  His room was empty.  I immediately saw his window open and the screen was barely hanging from the top of the window frame.  My heart sank as I ran to the window and looked down two stories to our concrete driveway below.  I again heard the cries, "Mommy", once again.  I flew down the stairs and through the front door in sheer panic.  At the bottom of my front steps was Mitch, who held out his little, shaky arms.  I ran to him and he collapsed in my arms.  His face was completely white and he asked me.  "Can dad fix the window?"  I told him that everything was okay and that dad would fix the window.  I then asked him question after question.  "Did you fall out the window?"  "Did you fall onto our driveway?"  "Where does it hurt?"  "How did you land?"  He opened his eyes and said, "I was playing worker man in my room.  I stood on my toy box to look out the window.  I leaned my head on the screen and it fell out."  I quickly called my husband, Mark, at work.  I told him what had happened and that I would meet him at Alta View Hospital.  My neighbor came to be with my other 3 children.  I rushed into the hospital emergency room that was full of people.  I went past all of them to the front nurse and told her what had happened.  She immediately took us back to a private room.  A doctor and 3 nurses also came in immediately.  They had me lay Mitch on the examination table and explain what happened.  Another man came in and began taking notes.  The nurses and the man continued asking the same questions over and over.  The doctor was examining Mitch's little body.  Mark arrived and just held me up.  Mitch looked over at me and saw how scared and frustrated I was with all these people and all the questions.  He sat right up, and in a quiet little voice said, "I was playing worker man, and I leaned my head on the screen, and I fell out my window."  Then he laid back down.  All of the people in the room were stunned.  They looked at Mitch in awe and had all heard what he said.  Without another question, they all walked out of the room.  Just the doctor, Mitch, Mark and I remained.  The doctor sympathetically explained, "I'm sorry for all the panic.  Just yesterday we had a mother come in with a 4 year old that had fallen from his highchair onto the linoleum in their kitchen.  That little boy has permanent brain damage and we don't know if he'll recover.  And just this morning, another mother brought in her 2 year old baby that had fallen out of a shopping cart onto the floor of the store.  That baby is also in critical condition with brain damage.  So when a mother walks in and tells us her son has fallen two stories, onto concrete, it is our duty to be concerned and suspicious."  Then he looked at Mitch and said, "We believe you and your mom, Mitch, and everything is going to be okay.  We will take good care of you."  He proceeded with his examination and asked Mitch where it hurt and how he landed.  Mitch would say, "It doesn't hurt anywhere really, just a little on my foot and a little on my head."  There was a scrape on Mitch's forehead and a scrape on his elbow and foot.  The doctor then told us they would take Mitch to X-Ray and check every bone in his body.  They would also check internally to see if his spleen or any other internal organs could have been damaged.  They wheeled him off and were gone for over 3 hours.  Mark and I felt amazingly calm and peaceful.  When the doctor wheeled Mitch back to us, the color was all back in his cheeks.  He smiled and told us they took "magic pictures of him".  The doctor sat Mitch on his lap and said, "The only thing I can say to you little Mitch, is that you are a miracle rubber man.  I don't see any injury or damage anywhere."  When we asked Mitch how he got the scrapes, he said, "I scratched me on the roof when I fell."  We knew it must have been from the shingles just outside his window.  But he could not tell us how he landed.  We thanked the medical staff, scooped him up, hugged him a little more than usual and went back home.  We tried to explain to neighbors, friends and family what had happened.  We knew it was a miracle, but we couldn't explain how it all happened.  That night as we knelt in prayer together as a family, Mark and I were overcome with emotion and gratitude to the Lord for watching over our Mitch.  That night as I slept, I had a very real dream.  Grandma & Grandpa Mitchell came to me in that dream and hugged me and talked with me.  They told me what a special little boy Mitch was and how much they loved me, then they left.  I woke up with a vivid recollection of them and how much I loved them.  I knew at that very moment that they were Mitch's "Guardian Angels"  That somehow they had protected him from that fall.  For whatever purpose Mitch was here on earth, they are very much aware of what that is.  They were protecting him.  I knew that with all my heart.  The events of that day changed our lives forever  We continually realize how precious life is and how it can change in an instant. 

My ultimate purpose in life and each and every day, is to live worthy of how our lives have been blessed.  And to live eternally with a family that I love so much here on earth, and also with the family I have that live in a life hereafter.  The Plan of Salvation is real.  I know that and I testify of it. 

I'm grateful to have had the opportunity to compile this history of a wonderful woman, my grandma Mitchell.  She continues to impact my life with comfort and peace. 

With love,

Christine Mitchell Longson



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