Oluf Christian Larsen

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Translation of Poem Written By Oluf Christian Larsen

"Longing for Zion" or  "Yearning for Zion"


History:  This is a poem that was written by Oluf Christian Larsen.  The copy (seen below) has been in the possession of Betty Larsen Ross, a granddaughter of Oluf Christian Larsen.  (Betty's father was Lawrence Larsen.)  Betty explained that she was given the poem by an aunt.  During a visit to Betty's home, Jim and Karen Larsen scanned the poem.

The Translation:  David Larsen of Fairview, Utah and Larry Larsen of Fairview, Utah, are both great, great grandsons of Oluf Christian Larsen.  David, Larry and Wally Larsen, and their dad Lawrence Erick Larsen (Jr.) all served LDS missions to Norway.  David and Larry have both translated Oluf's poem.  Thanks David and Larry!!!


From David Larsen:

Zions Laengsel

Longing for Zion


Hen til Vestens Bjergelande ser mit Lengsels Oje hen,

Forward to the West's Mountainland my Longing Eye looks forward,


Haabet hvisker om et bedre Tilflugtssted,

Hope whispers about a better place to move.


Iblandt Guds udvalgte Folk, som nyder Fred.

Among Gods chosen people, who take advantage of Peace.


Hvilken glaedelig Dag, naar jeg vandre skal herfra

On the happy Day, when I shall wander from here


Med det Folk, som drager hen til Saltso Stad

With the people, who travel there to the Salt Sea Place.


Paa de store Vandes Bolge, jeg af Hjertet synge skal:

On the great Water's Waves, I from the heart shall sing:


Israel nu drager hjem til Zions Dal.

Israel now travels home to Zions Valley.



Som en Fange og foragtet maa jeg slaebe her min Tid,

As a prisoner and with contempt must I slave here my Time.


Ikkun faa her raekker mig en Vennehaand,

I could receive here reaching to me, a Friendly hand.


Moerkets Haer mig eftertragte for at skade vil mit Liv,

The Darkness Angels are following to destroy my life.


Dog unskyldig, som et lidet Lam jeg gaar

Even though innocent, as a little lamb I walk


Med det rene Sanhedsbud; jeg iblandt dem vandre ud

With the true Truth's message; I among them wander out


Og tilbyder dem Forligelse med Gud;

And invite them association with God.


den til Synden er de faengslet, og vil ikke blive lost

Then to sins are they imprisoned, and will not be released.



Om jeg Lyset vilde doelge, og med Flaskhed skjule mig,

If I brought to light wild concealment and with  Flaskhed hid myself.


Vilde der et Aeresstegn paa mig bli hengt.

Would there be an Inheritance-sign upon me hanged


Om jeg vilde dem forfolge, som i Daaben reaser sig,

If I would follow them, as in Baptism they dispose themselves.


Vilde jeg af Verdens Vise Bli-bekjent.

Would I be recognized by the World's Wise.


Men fordi jeg ei kan saa, som en Farisaer gaa,

But because I cannot do such, as a Pharisee,


Derfor vil nu hele Verden paa mig slaa;

Therefore, will now the whole World upon me fall.


Men saa glad som Morgenroden vandrer jeg iblandt dem frem

But as happy as the dawn, I wander forward among them


Haabets Anker faestet hen i Zions Hjem

Hope's anchor tied fast in Zion's Home



Derfor glad jeg nu udbryder om mit skjoenne Zions Haab,

Therefore happy, I now extend  about my beautiful Zion's Hope


_en jeg fik i min Omvendelse og Daab,

?? (Than) I received in my Repentance and Baptism,


Om jeg Troen ej forsager og i Striden bliver fejg,

If I the Faith do not abandon and in the fight am I faint

Herrens Aand og Engle da vil med mig gaa

The Lord's Spriit and Angles then will with me go.


Til paa Zions Bjerg jeg staar, og de hvide Klaeder faar

Until upon Zion's Mountain I stand, and white clothes receive


Med Guds Folk, som nu fra Babylon udgaar.

With God's people, who now from Babylon flee.


Da er jeg fra Verden fri, som nu med Smerte trykker mig,

Then am I from the World free, which now with Pain pulls at me.


Hvilken frydefuld og glaedelig en Tid.

Which delightful and happy a Time.





Larry Larsen's Translation:


                        Yearning for Zion



Away toward the mountain country of the west my yearning eye looks away

The hope whispers of a better refuge

Where I can find freedom and I can build my home

Among God's chosen people who enjoy peace

Such a happy day, when I shall wander from here

With those people who travel there to the place of the Salt Sea

Upon the wave of the great water (ocean), will I sing from my heart:

Israel now travels home to Zion's Valley


As a prisoner and despised man, I toil here my time.

None here offers me a friendly hand

The army of the darkness sought to wound my life

Though innocent as a little lamb I go

With the pure message of truth, I among them wander out 

And invite them unto reconciliation with God

But by sin they are imprisoned and will not be freed

By His power, which for them the blood was spilled.


If the light I would conceal, and with falseness hide myself

If there were a Medal of Honor placed upon me

If I would persecute those who through baptism clean themselves

I would be known among the wise of the world

But because I can't do that... as a Pharisee goes

Therefore the whole world will attack me

But as joyful as the dawn I wander forth among them 

The anchor of hope fastened to Zion's home


Therefore, joy I now exclaim about my beautiful hope of Zion

Which I received in my repentance and baptism

If I don't leave the faith or in the battle become cowardly

The Lord's Spirit and Angel then with me will go

Until on mount Zion I stand and the white clothing receive

With God's people who now go out from Babylon 

Then am I free from the world, which now oppresses me with pain

What joyful and a happy time!!


  ....a very rough translation by Larry M. Larsen  of O.C. Larsen's poem



©Larsen Family Organization, all rights reserved.