Oluf (Jr.) and Sigrid Johannessen Larsen (or Larson)

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Image Gallery

Oluf Larsen (Jr.), fifth bishop (Randolph Ward), served from 1922-1929. His 1st counselor was Hyrum J. Norris, with Peter McKinnon and David Hoffman as 2nd counselors and David M. Hoffman, Clerk. Image: Randolph Relief Society.

Oluf Larsen (Jr.) home in Randolph, Utah.

Death certificate for Oluf Larsen (Jr.). Note his last name is spelled Larson on this certificate.

Death certificate for Sigrid Davida Johannessen Larsen (or Larson).

Grave marker of Oluf Larsen (Jr.), Sunset Cemetery, Salt Lake City, Utah.

Grave marker of Sigrid Johannessen Larsen, Sunset Cemetery, Salt Lake City, Utah.

The last home of Oluf Larsen Jr., located 216 D Street, Salt Lake City, Utah.

Obituary for Phebe Peart Larsen (Oluf Larson, Jr.'s first wife) published in the Deseret News, 14 Nov 1893 edition, page 7, column 8.

Oluf and Sigrid D. Larson as missionaries in the Central States Mission. Photo: Liahona: The Elders Journal, Vol. 19, p. 183.

Grave marker for Phebe Peart Larson and her daughter Alvilda Larson, located in Section 2 of the Randolph City Cemetery, Utah.