Johannah Elenora "Nora" Larsen Christensen and Niels Peter Christensen

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 Johannah Elenora "Nora" Larsen Christensen

Born:  8 September 1872, Ephraim, Sanpete, Utah  (father:  Oluf Christian Larsen; mother:  Anna Marie Pedersen).

Married:  19 November 1890 to Niels Peter Christensen, Manti, Utah (Manti LDS Temple)

Died:  16 August 1926, Fairview, Sanpete, Utah, (cancer of the stomach)

Buried:  18 August 1926, Fairview Pioneer Cemetery, Utah, location:  L3_8_1a, lower

LDS Temple ordinances are complete.

(Note:  Johannah Elenora was named after Oluf Christian Larsen's fourth wife, Johanna Christensen Larsen.  There was a great love between Johannah Elenora's mother Anna Maria Pedersen Larsen and Johanna Christensen Larsen and Anna Maria decided to name her child after Johanna.)



Niels Peter Christensen

Born:  25 September 1867, St. Hans, Hjorring, Denmark, (father:  Christian Johanson, mother:  Dorthea Catherina Larson)

Married:  First Marriage:  Johannah Elenora Larsen, 19 November 1890, Manti LDS Temple; Second Marriage:  Mary Jane Thomas, 5 April 1933, Salt Lake LDS Temple, for time.

Died:  31 August 1951, Fairview, Sanpete, Utah, age 84

Buried:  3 September, 1951, Fairview Pioneer Cemetery, Utah, location:  L3_8_1 lower

LDs Temple ordinances are complete.

Read the life histories of Niels Peter Christensen and Johannah Elenora Larsen Christensen, by Jacqueline Christensen Larsen.  "Histories of those Buried in the Old Pioneer Cemetery Fairview, Utah; Compiled by the North Bend DUP, July 1999, Volume 1."


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Children born to Johannah Elenora "Nora" Larsen and Niels Peter Christensen:



Anna Dora Christensen Cox

Born:  24 January 1892, Fairview, Sanpete, Utah.

Married:  25 October 1909 (Married to:  Lyman Ray Cox), Richfield, Sevier, Utah.  (Sealed 16 March 1910, Manti LDS Temple)

Died:  25 April 1993, East Carbon, Carbon, Utah

Buried:  29 April 1993

(Anna Dora was named after Peter's mother Dorthea Catherina)

LDS Temple Ordinances are complete.

Anna Dora Christensen and Lyman Cox

Dora and Lyman Cox with daughter Myrle around 1937.  Photo:  Dorine Goodro collection.



Phoeba Leona Christensen

Born:  26 June 1893, Fairview, Sanpete, Utah

Died:  19 June 1895, Fairview, Sanpete County, Utah, age 2 (Measles)

Buried:  Fairview Pioneer Cemetery, Utah, location: lower section, Block 3, Lot 8

LDS Temple ordinances:  child BIC

Pheba Leona Christensen



Edwin Angus Christensen  (infant)

Born: 31 March 1895, Fairview, Sanpete, Utah

Died:  2 May 1895, Fairview, Sanpete, Utah (Measles)

Buried:  Fairview Pioneer Cemetery, Utah, location: L3_8_2a lower

LDS Temple ordinances:  child BIC

Edwin Angus Christensen


Peter Afton Christensen

Born: 27 August 1896, Fairview, Sanpete, Utah

Marriage:  9 September 1916 (Married to:  Bertha Gull), Manti, Sanpete, Utah (Sealed 20 July 1963, Manti LDS Temple)

Died:  6 September 1969, Springville, Utah, Utah, age 73

Buried:  9 September 1969, Fairview City Cemetery, Utah, location:  U11_21_1 upper

LDS Temple ordinances are complete.



Adrea Amillia Christensen Stewart

Born:  28 December 1898, Fairview, Sanpete, Utah

Married:  24 May 1919, (Married to:  Francello Stewart), Manti, Sanpete, Utah

Died:  5 July 1951, Fairview, Sanpete County, Utah, (heart disease), age 53

Buried:  unknown date, Fairview City Cemetery, Utah, location:  U10_33_2 upper

LDS Temple ordinances are complete.



Olaf Edgar Christensen 

Born:  22 December 1900, Fairview, Sanpete, Utah

Married:  8 September 1925, Salt Lake City, Utah (wife:  Laura Nellie Moncur)

Died:  29 November 1982, Burley, Cassia, Idaho, age 82

Buried:  Burley, Cassia County, Idaho

(Oluf Edgar was named after his grandfather Oluf Christian Larsen).

LDS Temple ordinances are complete.



Louis Leland Christensen

Born:  23 December 1902, Fairview, Sanpete, Utah

Died:  29 July 1904, Fairview, Sanpete County, Utah, age 2

Buried:  unkown date, Fairview City Cemetery, Utah, location:  L3_8_3 lower

LDS Temple ordinances:  child BIC

Louis Leland Christensen


Arthur Linden Christensen

Born:  13 April 1904, Fairview, Sanpete, Utah

Married:  17 March 1926, wife:  Jessie Serena Stansfield

Died:  27 April 1999, Spanish Fork, Utah, Utah

Buried:  1 May 1999, Mt. Pleasant City Cemetery, Utah, location:  A_238_4_6

LDS Temple ordinances are complete



Venna May Christensen Sanders

Born:  25 January 1907, Fairview, Sanpete, Utah 

Married:  10 June 1925, Manti, Sanpete, Utah (Manti LDS Temple) husband:  John Frank Sanders, Sr.

Died:  8 February 2000




Bertha Iona Christensen

Born:  30 December 1908, Fairview, Sanpete, Utah

Married:  unmarried

Died:  27 April 1929, Salt Lake City, Salt Lake, Utah (spinal meningitis), age 20

Buried:  30 April 1929, Fairview City Cemetery, Utah, location:  L3_8_4 lower

LDS Temple ordinances are complete.

Bertha Iona Christensen   Death certificate of Bertha Iona Christensen   Bertha Iona Christensen


Lowel Blaine Christensen (infant)

Born: 12 December 1911, Fairview, Sanpete, Utah

Died:  22 May 1912, Fairview, Sanpete County, Utah (erysipelas)

Buried:  24 May 1912, Fairview City Cemetery, Utah, location:  L3_8_5 lower

LDS Temple ordinances are complete (BIC)

Lowel Blaine Christensen


Rob Burford Christensen

Born:  23 May 1913, Fairview, Sanpete, Utah

Married:  First marriage:  23 November 1936, Anna Laura Turpin; second marriage:  15 April 1943, Elna Fan Tucker 

Died:  31 January 1997, Fairview, Sanpete, Utah


LDS Temple ordinances are complete.

Rob Buford and Elna Christensen


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