Mary Andrea (May) Larsen Dandis

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Photos from the life of May Larsen Dandis.




John and May Larsen Dandis.

John and May Larsen Dandis.

Front row: Richard Dandis, Lorraine Winberg; rear row: Lucille Windberg Molino, Roy Molino (Lucille's husband),

May Larsen Dandis in California, 1939.

May Larsen Dandis with her sister-in-law Katie Louise Smith Larsen.

May Larsen Dandis, Lawrence Edward "Buzz" Stringham, Lucille Windberg Molino, Eda May "Mike" Stringham. This photo was taken in Utah in the 1940's.

William "Bill" Windberg, Franics Windberg, Lorraine Windberg and Lorraine's husband.

Cousins Guy Stringham and Richard Dandis in Utah.

Death certificate for Mary Andrea Larsen Dandis, obtained from the State of California.

Death Certificate for Lucille Winberg Molino.