Mary Andrea "May" Larsen Dandis

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The following letter was written by Mary Andrea "May" Larsen Dandis to her sister Sarah Larsen Mitchell on October 11, 1963.  This letter is in the collection of Sarah Mitchell's daughter Beth Mitchell Howe.

Richmond                                             October 11, 1961

Dear Sarah and Family:

I just got a birthday card and letters written to Helen and Julia there just one day apart 14th & 15th.  I sure enjoyed Helen's letter, she live life to the fullest and does good along the way.

Julia and her husband came to see us and brought Irene's daughter she is the same age as Wendy, January 11th, Linda Louise, November 12, 1951.  They are a lot a like.  If it could be done it would sure be nice if mother's 29 grandchildren, 58 great grandchildren and 7 great great grand children could spend some days together so they could learn to know how much they are all alike in looks and goodness.

I for one don't see how we can all get together as a family in the next life unless each family gets it own star.

October 15th

I am like everyone else I can get almost anything else done but writing letters.  I started this a month ago to answer your nice long letter of September 26th.

You sure are busy with your large family if I could stand the Utah climate I would move to Salt Lake and share your life with them.  Somehow they always seem to belong to me a little. 

I always wanted a family like Millies (Note:  Emila Maria Larsen Anderson) ever since I was eight years old and I visited with her one summer, she was such a beautiful mother and Andrew was such a jolly father.  Millie always called me her pet; Anna was six years old when I came along so those girls were all baby hungry Emelia Marie was 15; Maria Caroline was 9; Johanna Elenora 13; Olevia Christine 10.  I thought you would like their real names.  I lived as Aunties baby until Hanna came along two years later, then mother and Aunt Annie moved together in grandmas home.  Well enough ancient history.  Helen sent me Beth's letter about her Temple Marriage.  I am happy for both Grace and Beth, it is good to bring the spiritual life close in a family while we are here to enjoy it and it gives people something to live up to. 

Don't forget to let me know when Butch gets his new girl, such a girl family the Mitchells are.  What do you hear from Alma's family, I had a letter from Margaret (note:  this is Margaret Larsen, wife of Alma Larsen) and Orson went down and moved in with her right after the funeral; I don't think it made her to happy as she said she would like to be her own boss for a while, I can understand how good a rest from home work for another man when you would like to quietly move around eating and sleeping when you please.  I feel so sorry for Orson, but we got to all make our own place in this life, if we pulled stake every time some things go wrong, nobody would have homes.  Sarah, I wish you would try to use some inguentine on your legs like your cream you __________________.  I got a hole on my _______________ bumping the rake against it, I tried inguentine to _______________________ and it healed to dry racked skin too.  Johnie feels good these days, he went deep sea fishing last week and got 3 large salmon.  Have a good Thanksgiving together and write when you can.

Love to you all-May

I am still thinking about our mother, I have a picture of her the year Uncle Magelby talked her and Aunt Ana in to coming to the U.S. of America.  She is so beautiful and had worked to get her swell clothes and they came first class by the new train that ran those years from New York to Ephraim in 1881 and brought them to their Aunt Hanna Dorius.

Love to you all---May

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