Photos of Johannah (Hannah) Christensen Larsen

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Image Gallery

Simply click on any photo to enlarge it.  Most of these photos come from the Johannah (Hannah) Chrsitensen Larsen collection unless otherwise noted.  (A special thanks to Jim and Karen Larsen for providing most of these photos).

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Johannah (Hannah) Christensen Larsen.

Johannah (Hannah) Christensen Larsen.

Johannah Christensen Larsen standing on the porch of her Wilson Street home in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Johannah (Hannah) Christensen Larsen hold grandson Leroy Cornia. Leroy's mother Hanna Larsen Cornia died in childbirth, Leroy was left near blind due to childbirth difficulties. Johannah Chrsitensen Larsen raised Leroy until his father, Ray Cornia, remarried. See the Leroy Cornia page on this web site.

Rear row: Johannah Christensen Larsen, Margaret Eleanor Larsen holding Bob Mitchell. Front row, Leroy Cornia, Beth Mitchell, Grace Mitchell, Helen Mitchell.

Johannah Christensen Larsen with her daughter, Margaret in front of their Wilson Avenue home in Salt Lake City.

Four generations: Sarah Larsen Mitchell, Sandy Howell, Beth Mitchell Howell, and Johannah (Hannah) Christensen Larsen.

Front Row: Lawrence, Oluf Christian, Johannah (Hannah), Mary (May). Rear row: Margaret, Orson, Sarah, Alma, Hannah.

Hannah Christensen Larsen, photo taken just before her death.

Newspaper article covering the 88th birthday of Johannah (Hannah) Christensen Larsen.

Oluf Christian Larsen and Hannah Christensen Larsen home (after renovations done by son Alma) located at 1011 Wilson Avenue, Salt Lake City, Utah. Photo: Alma Larsen collection.

Larsen, Johannah (Hannah) Christensen and Oluf Christian Larsen.

Death certificate for Johannah "Hannah" Christensen Larsen.

Grave marker for Johannah (Hannah) Christensen Larsen located in the Salt Lake City Cemetery, Utah. Photo: James and Karen Larsen.

Margrethe Nielsen, mother of Johannah Christensen Larsen.

Lars Christensen, father of Johannah Christensen Larsen. Read more about Johannah's parents in her life history.

Sealing paper for Oluf Christian Larsen and Johanne (Johannah or Hannah) Christensen, (first half). Note that the famous LDS Apostle, D.H. Wells performed the sealing. (Daniel Hanmer Wells, October 27, 1814 March 24, 1891, was an apostle of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, and the third mayor of Salt Lake City.) Image: from the Margaret Johannah (Joan) Larsen Combs collection.

Johannah (Hannah) Christensen Larsen's siblings: Johannah, born 1860; Jens, born 1847; Mette K., born 1852; Christen, born 1854; Ana, born 1857. Note: Ana (or Ane Larsen, as she changed her last name from Christensen to Larsen when she arrived in Utah) married Oluf Larsen's good friend and missionary companion Hans Olson Magleby, who was also a resident of Ephraim, Utah. Photo: the Margaret Johannah (Joan) Larsen Combs collection.

Sealing papers for Oluf Christian Larsen and Johannah Christensen, second half. Image: from the Margaret Johannah (Joan) Larsen Combs collection.

Obituary for Johannah (Hannah) Christensen Larsen. Image: from the Beth Howe collection.

Letter indicating the marriage of Oluf Christian Larsen and Johannah Christensen.

Johannah Christiansen Larsen's sister, "Stena Christensen Larson." This photo was taken in 1902. It is believed that many of the Chrstensen family changed their last name to Larson or Larsen when the immigrated to the Utah.