George William Graham, Son-in-law and Family Undertaker.

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George William Graham was married to Oluf Christian and Anna Maria Pederson Larsen's daughter Olivia Christina Larsen Graham.  Olivia died of typhoid fever in 1905 at a young age 29.  She was the mother of four children.  A year later, George married Emma Marie Jaer, a women he was introduced to by his brother-in-law, Oluf Larson.  George and Marie had five children.  George eventually relocated to the Ogden, Utah area and had a career in the funeral industry.  He worked for the Aultorest [all-to-rest] Mortuary Company in Ogden, Utah.  

We know that "Uncle George" kept a relationship with members of Oluf Christian Larsen's family.  If you look carefully, you will see Graham’s signature on many of the death certificates of Larsen family members that are posted on this web site.  For example, the bottom line on Oluf Christian Larsen’s death certificate is signed by GW Graham, undertaker.  We know from obituaries, that he and his wife would attend Larsen family funerals.

Oluf death certificate

This is a photo of George William Graham with his first wife's nephew, George Franklin Larsen in front of Mary Eleanor Vance Larsen's Fairview, Utah home.  George William Graham was born and raised in Fairview, Utah.

George Franklin Larsen with George William Graham

Family Members that George W. Graham buried:

Christensen, Bertha Ione

Cornia, Hannah Larsen

Cornia, Caroline (Carrie) Marie Larsen

Larsen, Oluf Christian

Larsen (or Larson), Sigrid Davida Johannessen

Larsen (or Larson) Oluf (Jr.)

Munn, Anna Larsen

Munn, Edward Frederick, Jr.

From David Larsen, Fiarview, Utah:  When my Grandmother, Ellen Brynhildur Budvarson, married Lawrence Erick Larsen, Sr., in 1918, they rode the Bamburger Train to Salt Lake.  They were married in the SLC temple. Following the marriage, they went to the home of George Graham for a dinner, and to spend their honeymoon night.   

My wife, Lorraine’s mother is a Graham, who is a niece of George Graham, her father named John Graham lived up the creek, (mouth of Fairview canyon) where he owned some acreage and lived as a farmer.  Small world.  

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