Emelia Marie Larsen and Andrew Peter Anderson

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Photo Gallery

The Anderson Women. Front Row: Arilla Madilen Anderson, Emelia Marie Larsen Anderson, Vera Athema Anderson. Rear Row: Vivian Alida Anderson, Millre Johanna Anderson, Ester Marie Anderson Poulson, Lillian Leanor Anderson. Photo: Lane Anderson collection.

Death certificate for Emelia Marie Larsen Anderson.

Anderson Men. Front Row: Andrew Peter Anderson, Oluf Christian Anderson. Rear Row: Lindon Lewis Anderson, Murrel Andrew Anderson, Ernest Paul Anderson. Photo: Lane Anderson Collection.

Death certificate for Andrew Peter Anderson.

Andrew Peter Anderson.

Obituary for Emila Marie Larsen Anderson.

Andrew and Emelia Larsen Anderson home which was located in Redmond, Utah. This home was demolished many years ago. Photo: Lane Anderson collection.

Grave marker for Emelia L. and Andrew Andersen, located in the Redmond, Utah Cemetery. Photo: Lane Anderson collection.