Lois Betty Larsen Ross

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Lois Betty Larsen Ross

Born: Salt Lake City, Salt Lake County, Utah (father:  Lawrence Larsen; mother:  Josie Dott Christensen).

Married: Two Marriages, see below



Read Lois Betty Larsen Ross's Autobiography which was completed in 1993.  The Autobiography has 20 chapters, complete with photos.  Select a grouping of chapters below to open a pdf file.

Chapter 1: The Family I Came From; Chapter 2: My Dad - Playing the "Hand You're Dealt"; Chapter 3:  Dutiful Dot - My Mom.

Chapter 4:  "There Was a Child Went Forth"; Chapter 5:  Goodbye Mother Goose; Chapter 6:  Life In the Big City; Chapter 7:  We Become a Rural Family; Chapter 8:  The Providential Move North.

Chapter 9: My Years as a Grant Union High School "Pacer"; Chapter 10, The Blossoming "Geranium"; Chapter 11: I'm Part of the "Home Front".

Chapter 12: The Bumpy Years; Chapter 13: An Enduring Love; Chapter 14: The House of Ross "Continued"; Chapter 15: Assignment in "Tinsel Town".

Chapter 16 A Garden Environment; Chapter 17: Peach City Memories; Chapter 18: Icing on the "Cake".

Chapter 19: Potpourri; Chapter 20: Ponderings at Eighty.

First Marriage:

Ernest Erwin Bourne

Born:  30 October 1922, Susanville, California

Married:  2 May 1945 (Lois Betty Larsen), Salt Lake City, Salt Lake, Utah (Salt Lake LDS Temple, temple divorce granted)

Died:  6 June 1987, Sacramento, Sacramento, California



Second Marriage:


Samuel Calvin Ross

Born:  5 July 1925, Alameda, California

Married:  9 July 1955, Sacramento, Sacramento, California




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