Anna Marie Pedersen Larsen

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Anna Marie Pedersen Larsen and Oluf Christian Larsen. Photo: Mary Eleanor Vance Larsen collection.

Pioneer Women of Faith, Daughters of the Utah Pioneers.  Scanned image:  Annette Larsen.

Death certificate for Anna Marie Pedersen Larsen was obtained from the State of Utah.

Oluf Christian Larsen and Anna Marie Pedersen Larsen's Salt Lake City home located at 1176 Princeton Avenue.   Photo:  Jim and Karen Larsen.

Grave marker for Anna Maria Pedersen Larsen, located in the Salt Lake City Cemetery, Utah.  Photo:  Jim and Karen Larsen.

Anna Maria Pedersen Larsen from the Beth Howe collection.

Anna Marie Pedersen Larsen portrait hanging in the Daughters of the Utah Pioneers Museum in Salt Lake City, Utah. Image: Dean and Connie Larsen collection.