Alvilda Larson

Alvilda Larson


Oluf Larsen (Larson) was born 16 February 1865 in Ephraim, Utah [hereafter referred to as Oluf Jr.].  He would be the oldest surviving son of Oluf Christian Larsen and Anna Maria Pedersen Larsen (second marriage).  For some reason, Oluf chose later in his life to spell his last name “Larson” probably because this was the more common spelling for the name Larsen.  Several of Oluf Jr’s half brothers also choose to spell their last name “Larson”.


The father, Oluf Christian Larsen practice plural marriage.  At one time, Oluf Christian Larsen had two wives (Anna Marie Pedersen and Amalia Anderson) living harmoniously under one roof in Ephraim, Utah. 


When Oluf Jr. was thirteen years old, his father and wife Amalia Anderson (third marriage) had their second child, a baby girl named Alvilda.  Amalia Anderson would die due to the birth of this baby.  Alvilda and her older sister Maria Caroline Larsen would be raised by Oluf Christian Larsen and wife Anna Maria Pedersen Larsen.  When Alvilda was four months old, she also died.  Both Amalia and Alvilda are buried in the Ephraim City Cemetery.  The death of Amalia Anderson and Alvilda must have had a huge effect on the young Oluf Jr.


On 2 July 1890, at age 25 year old, Oluf Jr. married an eighteen year old Randolph, Utah girl named Phebe Peart in the Logan LDS Temple.  Oluf Jr. and Phebe had a baby daughter, Alvilda born on 5 August 1893.  We believe that Oluf named his first born daughter after his half sister who died in infancy fourteen years earlier.  On November 4, 1893, Phebe Peart Larson died from Typhoid Fever, leaving Oluf Jr. alone with the baby, Alvilda. 


Although we do not have a death date for Alvilda Larson, we know she died as an infant and she is buried in the same grave as her mother in the Randolph, Utah City Cemetery (section 2).


Alvilda would be the only child born to Oluf Jr.


By Lewis F. Larsen, 7 September 2009

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